Divisions of the Ministry

Development DivisionAccounts DivisionAdministration DivisionInternal Audit DivisionPlanning UnitSecretary Office

Development Division


Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology Division (Ministry of Defence) has been established specially to address the requirements for making Sri Lanka a digitally empowered nation. Accordingly, the Development Division has been assigned with specific core development-oriented functions, mainly the following:

1. Formulate and enhance policies, plans, legislations, standards and programs in the areas of Information and Communication Technology for development, considering other sectors.
2. Improvement of digital infrastructure by facilitating the enhancement of digital ecosystems, aiming at digitalizing the economy
3. Utilize ICT for improving governance and public service delivery through e-Government initiatives
4.  Improvement of ICT applications in the key sectors
5.  Improvement of Citizens’ engagement in ICT enabled society
6.  Facilitation for ICT industry development through skills development and other means
7.  Liaisons with the think tanks and advisory groups

The Planning Branch is a supporting branch under the Development Division

Key Staff of the Branch

mtdi dev division2

Mr. Waruna Sri Dhanapala
Additional Secretary (Development)
Telephone  :  +94 11 2577017
Fax              :  +94 11 2576660

 mtdi avator


Ms. K.C. Karunaratne
Assistant Director (Policy)
 Telephone  :  +94 11 2577450
 Fax              :   


mtdi dev division4

Mrs. Dinusha N. Karunathilake
Assistant Director (e-Government)
Telephone  :  +94 11 2577025
Fax              :  +94 11 2301710

mtdi dev division5

Ms. Thanujah Tharmendran
Assistant Director (ICT Development)
Telephone  :  +94 11 3020418
Fax              :  +94 11 2301714

mtdi avator

Information Technology Officer
Telephone  :  +94 11 3020426
Fax              :  +94 11 2301710


Accounts Division


To achieve the overall mission of the Division, following functions has been assigned to the Account Division with the main objective of maintaining transparency and accountability of public financial with the sound public financial reporting and safeguard the assets.


1. Preparation of Annual Estimates and Budget Control.
2. Preparation of the Procurement Plan and the Manual of delegate of Financial Authorities.
3. Conducting all procurement activities of the Ministry according to the Annual Action Plan and the Procurement Plan.
4. Provide physical resources necessary for the fulfillment of the specific functions of the Ministry, continuously and immediately.
5. Monitoring and control the Impress requirement and presenting the Annual Cash Flow statement and financial management activities with the General Treasury and maintenance and supervision of the official bank account of the Ministry.
6. Monitor and advice on financial management of the ministry and other institutions under the purview of the Ministry.
7. Submission of specific financial statements and financial information to the parliament, to the treasury, and to the other ministries and departments.
8. Preparation of staff wages and payment of salaries on due date and making payments related to the Recurrent and Capital expenditure.
9. Organize annual stock Verification in relation to asset management and regular action to be taken in the event of default of fixed assets.
10. Presenting Final Accounts such as Appropriation Account, Revenue Account, Advance Account of Public Officers, impress Account and General Deposit Account etc. on the prescribed dates.
11. Maintain the advance B Accounts of public officers.
12. Implementation of financial policies in accordance with the provisions of laws, rules, regulations and circulars on financial management.

Key Staff

1.   Chief Accountant
2.   Accountant

Administration Division


Conduct all administrative functions by facilitating required provisions and logistics to carry out the Ministry’s Mission of “Provision of Information and Communication Services in a timely manner, through the development of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology Division under Defence Ministry (DIIT) with the use of latest technology, at costs affordable to the public with nationwide availability to promote wider accessibility while maintaining the integrity and excellence of service as well as the increase of IT literacy levels of the public and availability of local content and applications.”

The key tasks of the Division include,

1. Proper management of the mail correspondences
2. Updating the cadre and create of new positions
3. All establishment/human resources functions such as appointments to the staff, promotions and transfers, pension matters and disciplinary measures
4. Tasks related to the provision of all infrastructure to function the Ministry (e.g. buildings, quarters, water, electricity and telephone facilities), security and sanitary services
5. Matters related to the temporary staff of Ministers and appointment of Advisors
6. Matters related to Parliamentary affairs, Human Rights Commission, Committees on political victimization, coordinating with the Attorney-General’s Department and public relations
7. Management of the vehicle fleet of the Ministry – registration, assignment, insurance, maintenance, fuel management and matters related to the pool vehicles
8. Documentation related to staff meetings, leaves, overtime and travel allowances, railway warrants and ‘Agrahara’ Insurance scheme
9. Duties related to the issuance of Sri Lankan Visas for foreigners who wish to engage in industries and businesses on fields relevant to the Ministry.
10. Matters related to the Right to Information (RTI) Act
11. Management of the Ministry’s archives

Out of the total Ministry cadre of 75, a staff of 12 officers has been assigned to the Administration Division to conduct the above mentioned functions:

Additional Secretary 01
Senior Assistant Secretary 01 
Director (Development) 01
Director 01
Assistant Director 01
IT Officer 01
Public Management Assistant
Total 07


Internal Audit Division

internal audit

The Internal Audit Division is directly responsible to the Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. It is responsible for auditing the internal activities of the Ministry. This will ensure that the ministry’s programs and projects are carried and in an economic, effective manner and compliance with the financial Regulations and other relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the use and management of Government Funds.


Planning Unit


Planning Unit serves in upgrading Information Technology of this Ministry through regulating and preparing progress reports of development projects, and reporting those to Department of National Budget, Department of Project Monitoring and Management and other relevant institutions.

Performs the following functions:

1.  Preparation of Annual Action Plan
2. Evaluate and approve projects for budget proposals
3. Preparation of Performance report
4. Organizing progress review meetings for the projects conducted by Division and other institutions under its supervision.
5. Reporting progress reports for Department of Project Monitoring and Management,    Department of National Budget and other relevant institutions

Secretary Office

secretary officeICON2

1. Overall supervision of administration and financial matters of the Ministry AR and FR
2. Overall supervision of administration and financial matters of ICTA according to AR and FR
3. Overall supervision, follow up action on cabinet papers submitted by the Hon. Minister
4. Overall supervision, follow up action on policy matters submitted to the cabinet committee on Economic Management
5. Overall supervision, follow up action according to the cabinet decision relevant to the Ministry
6. Overall supervision, Progress review and follow-up actions of the projects, implemented by the ministry as well as ICTA
7.  Follow up of actions on the services provided to other government institutions


Key Staff of the Branch



  -Telephone  :  +94 11 2301713
 - Fax            :  +94 11 2301710
 - Email         : secretary@mdiit.gov.lk