Visa requests

Documents Needed for Visa Recommendation

1.  Request Letter from the Company. 
2. Copies of candidate’s passports.
3. Bio Data of the candidates.
4. Job Description of the candidate/s which they apply to
5. The Articles of Association of the Company.
6. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.
7. Number of Employees recruited for the Company.
8. Financial Statements of the Company. ( Last Year)
9. The Company’s contribution the Economy of Sri Lanka.
10. Action plan of the Company ( The Company’s future projects, plans and decisions)
11. Performance report of the Company ( The Company’s performance in the last year in Sri
12. Proof of evaluation of the Company.

•   Advertisements published for the vacancy
•   Applications received, Interviews conducted
•   Reasons for the acceptance / rejection of the candidates at the interview

For Clarifications:

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